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By 19 March 2024 No Comments

Each year, the hair and beauty industry generate around £7.5 billion in the UK. From chain salons to what we will be talking about today — micro businesses. A micro-business is a small business with few employees. These types of businesses usually start as a hobby or a side hustle that someone does alongside their main source of income.

Out of the billions made by the hair and beauty industry, 57% of these payments were made using a credit or debit card. Since 2021, the amount of people that use contactless payment methods has increased by 30%. People now opt for fast, convenient, and efficient methods of paying. That’s where tapeeno comes in.

What is tapeeno?

tapeeno is a payment solution app designed for micro businesses. It enables you to accept in-person payments with only your phone. tapeeno uses near-field communication (NFC), to accept a variety of contactless payments. This includes credit and debit cards as well as digital wallets, which can be found on our smart devices. Think of it as a contactless card machine, in one, easy-to-use app.

As discussed earlier, many hair and beauty micro businesses start as a hobby or side hustle. This often makes people hesitant to purchase a traditional card machine. These card machines can come with lengthy contracts and monthly charges. For businesses making few transactions, this doesn’t always appeal.

But with tapeeno, this isn’t the case.

At tapeeno, we want your business to succeed. That’s why we don’t charge our customers a set-up fee or a monthly charge. We also understand that some side hustles have slow months, or unfortunately don’t work out. For this reason, there are no contracts with tapeeno.

How can tapeeno help your hair and beauty business?

From hair, to eyelashes, to nails, tapeeno can help your business succeed. Did you know that over 23 million of us do not carry our wallets daily? Instead, we rely on the ease of paying by card, especially the ability to pay with our smart phones. When it comes to paying for goods or services, we now expect to be able to pay by our favourite method – card. So much so in fact, that half of us would walk away from the payment if the business only accepted cash. When taking card payments with tapeeno, you will only be charged 1.5% of each transaction. On average we are 10% cheaper than our competitors.

With tapeeno, you no longer have to worry about turning away customers who wish to pay with card. Simply download the app and set up your merchant account. In less than 48 hours you will be ready to start accepting contactless payments.