tapeeno is a payment solution app designed for micro business.
If you wash windows, deliver takeaways, or cut hair, using your phone to accept card payments is the easiest way to get paid.
There is no extra hardware needed.


To get started, you’ll have to apply for your merchant account.
As a financial service we must be as secure as possible. You will be asked for photos of your ID and a recent utility bill. We suggest you have these to hand first.
You will also be asked for previous address and other personal details. These will be kept private.
Your account is usually approved within 48 hours.
Once approved, download the free app to your Android mobile phone.
Log in to your account on the app.
You can now start taking payments.
Payments transferred to your bank account within the hour.
There is no contract. If you’re not happy you can leave anytime.


tapeeno allows you to take contactless payments, and all that information is stored in the app.

On your dashboard you can see your sale, previous transactions and analytics for all your activities.

You can issue refunds and receipts. These can be sent to the customer by email, SMS or even printed.


tapeeno is free to download and set up.
There is a small fee of 1.5% on each transaction amount. So, you will pay €0.15 on €10, or €1.50 on €100.
Refunds cost €0.20 per transaction.
There are no monthly charges.

*T&Cs Apply

*Payments will be made to your chosen bank account within one hour. Payments will be made during working hours on working days (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). Transactions processed after 5pm will be paid before 9am on the next working day.

Note: In the unlikely event that a transaction is disputed by the owner of the card used to make a payment on your tapeeno facility (also referred to as a chargeback), then a charge of €15 may be applied to your account.