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By 27 October 2023 December 15th, 2023 No Comments

At tapeeno, we are devoted to ensuring small and new businesses have the equipment to succeed.

We understand that it can be a daunting experience venturing into a new business, that’s why we have leveraged advances in mobile technology to make contactless payments in a quick and easy manner. The contactless payment industry is worth £24.4 billion, and is meant to quadruple by 2026, meaning that providing customers with contactless payment options for your business is heavily advised. Last year, contactless payment methods increased by 30% in the UK, with the public opting for the convenience of contactless cards and digital wallets.

With tapeeno, you have the ability to transform your Android smartphone into a payment device. Much like a contactless card reader, tapeeno is an effective alternative to taking cash and having a card terminal, allowing you to turn your phone into a wireless card reader. Customers are able to use short-range wireless near-field communication (NFC) to pay for goods and services.

Creating your tapeeno account!

Creating a tapeeno app is simple. Whether you want to start converting your hobby to a side hustle, or are driving a mobile food van, tapeeno allows you to take money on the go.


The first step to starting your tapeeno journey is to apply via the tapeeno website. You will be asked to provide personal details, which will be thoroughly checked through tapeenos support team. You will need to provide bank details, an image of your in-date and signed passport, with
all four corners showing. tapeeno will also ask for an image of a document, sent out within the last three months, detailing your current home address. It is important for people wishing to sell goods and services on tapeeno to specify what they will be using the app for. This needs to include what your business does and the products that you will be selling.

Once applied, you will receive an email with the agreement via Adobe, which will need to be signed and submitted.


If all the details have been submitted correctly, then you will receive an email from our acquirers, Paynt. You will be notified by tapeeno that this email has been sent, but some of our customers have raised the issue that the email from Paynt has been delivered to the ‘junk’ folder, so we advise you to check there upon receiving the email from tapeeno. The email from Paynt will require a video verification, named ‘iDenfy’, which you must complete. When completing the verification video, you must ensure that you are the only person in the video frame and that the ID you are using is clear. Alongside this, Paynt may email back and ask some additional questions regarding your business and the details provided, these need to be answered and emailed back.


When the video verification is accepted, tapeeno will then email you two separate emails with your merchant log in details.

You will then be able to log into the tapeeno app and start selling!


  • To ensure taking payments runs smoothly, you will need to ensure that the developer mode is turned off within your phone settings and that your location is on.
  • When you start taking payments, customers will need to place either their card or phone, (depending on how they are making the payment), on the back middle section of the phone as that’s where the NCF reader is.